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ISBA Delivers To You The Freedom To Learn When You Want At A Price You Can Afford!

ISBA offers more to you than just great ONLINE courses!  We provide each and every one of our 


Members with unsurpassed service, support, FREE continuing education with CPE credit, and a 

host of tools that will put over $5,000.00 in your pocket!

Oh...Did we mention that you can repeat any section of the course or attend a LIVE classroom class without paying a dime for additional tuition?  Of course, you will need to pay for your travel expenses.  We are so committed to you excelling as a business valuation professional we go the extra mile so you feel "comfortable" performing any valuation assignment. We've outlined below the course prices and are available to talk with you about our many benefits as well as the course curriculum.  






If You Are Ready To Get Started On Your Educational Path To Earning The BCA Credential Or Enhance Your Business Valuation Knowledge ...

You will want to "Get Started" Today!